Referee Programs & Becoming a Referee

Becoming a BC Soccer Referee

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a BC Soccer Registered Referee.  Whether you are an experienced referee new to British Columbia or if you are new to the discipline of refereeing BC Soccer has a clinic and a pathway for you.  The minimum age to become a referee is12 years old (small sided) and 14 years old (11-a-side). Please enjoy the short video showcasing some Referee programs that BC Soccer offers and continue below for more on how to become a referee in BC!

The first step for those who 14 years of age or older and are interested in refereeing 11-a-side soccer is to enroll and complete an Entry Level Referee Clinic. 

For those who are 12 and older and are interested in refereeing small sided soccer (less than 11-a-side) the first step is to enroll and complete a Small Sided Referee Clinic

For more information and to register for a clinic, please visit our "Referee Clinic" page.



BC Soccer recognizes the importance of helping referees develop as they move along the Referee Pathway.  Through the various referee programs listed below, referees of all levels and abilities can receive the education and mentorship required for to make it to the next step along the pathway. 

Click on the Referee Program below to learn more so that you can receive the appropriate training needed to reach the next step along the Referee Pathway!

BC Soccer is also pleased to provide referees and the entire BC Soccer Membership with various referee resources and continuing education tools.

Assesment Program

Assessment Program and Assessor Information

The Assessment Program is the practical ongoing education of officials in game situation. It allows officials to gain firsthand information from experienced assessors, allowing them to continue to develop and improve their performance. Below is the marking scheme.



8.5 - 8.9

Very Good

8.3 - 8.4

Good (expected level)


Satisfactory with small areas for improvement

8.0 - 8.1

Satisfactory with important areas for improvement


one clear important mistake, otherwise 8.3 or above


one clear important mistake, otherwise 8.0 - 8.2

7.5 - 7.7

Below expectation, significant points for improvement

7.0 - 7.4

Disappointing. Below expectation with one clear important mistake

6.0 - 6.9



Officials who attain a mark of 8.3-8.4 are performing at their present classification and displaying effective management techniques with satisfactory Law application and control demonstrating competence at the current level. Officials who attain a mark above 8.5 and above are performing above their current classification. Officials who are below 8.2 have areas and shortcomings and can improve if the assessor’s advice is acted upon.

Objectives of the BC Soccer Assessment Program:

• To coach the Referees, Assistant Referees & Fourth Officials
• To ensure uniformity
• To assess match officials’ performances
• To identify talent
• To rank referees and assistant referees

The scheme is based on the following process:
• Immediate feedback to match officials after the game of the priority development areas and strengths
• Providing official's written confirmation indicating their strengths and areas for development based upon 7 areas of competency for referees, and 5 areas for assistants.

Click Here to view BC Soccer's Referee Assessment Competences.

Registered Referees are able to Request an Assessment


Assessor Classifications
National Assessors can Assess Upgrading National Referees and preform Assessor training.

Provincial Assessors can Assess Upgrading Provincial Referees and be asked to be Supervisor of Officials at a BC Soccer Provincial Competition

Regional Assessors can Assess Upgrading Regional Referees

District Assessors can Assess Upgrading District Referees

Grassroots Referee Program

BC Soccer’s Grassroots Referee Development Program is designed to better meet the needs of registered and potentially new referees at the grassroots level. This is being done by training and supporting local Head Referees, Mentors, and Schedulers who oversee refereeing in their area. The training and support is being facilitated  by Referee Development Officers.

The goal of the Grassroots Referee Development Program is;
- To raise the level of competence of all registered referees at the grassroots level across the province,
- Provide support and foster recruitment, education, development and retention of referees,
- Supply timely and relevant reporting about the referees to BC Soccer and the Referee Committee via the Referee Development Coordinator.

Referee Development Officers & Regions:

Northern BC , Lower Mainland, Upper Island



Fraser Valley – Pitt Meadows to Langley to Chilliwack

Art Bandenieks


Kootenays – Grand Forks to Cranbrook to Golden

Sid Compston


Thompson Okanagan  Merritt to 100 Mile to Osoyoos and Salmon Arm

Shannon Mazereuuw



Lower Vancouver Island – Victoria to Cowichan Valley

Al Moir



The province has been divided into geographic regions.  A Referee Development Officer has been appointed to assist Head Referees, Referee Mentors, and Referee Schedulers in each region.


Head Referee
A Head Referee is an experienced referee who provides oversight to the referee program within a club / district environment. The primary objective is to work with referee to support a successful transition from the classroom to the field of play.

Mentor Referee
A Mentor Referee is an experienced referee who provides guidance, by way of on-field support and feedback to a targeted group of referees, normally within a club / district specific environment in collaboration with the Head Referee.  

Referee Scheduler / Assigner
A Referee Scheduler / Assigner works in collaboration with the Head and Mentor Referee to ensure appropriate referees are assigned to matches.

Candidates Program

BC Soccer introduced the Referee Candidates Program in the fall of 2007, under the leadership of the BC Soccer Referee Development Coordinator, Jose Branco.  This program is designed to provide aspiring referees from across the province the ability to hone their referee skills through on and off field training and education sessions on a weekly base using FIFA Futuro III material.

The primary goal of this program is to provide this group of officials a progressive positive educational referee specific environment where they can work together to climb the Provincial Referee ladder in hopes to obtain National and FIFA Referee status. The hope is that some of the officials from the program will continue to be involved with the Referee Program as a Referee Instructor, Referee Assessor, Club Head Referees or Mentors.

Currently there are 60 members in the BC Soccer Referee Candidates Program who meet on a weekly basis, 12 months a year. Every week referees will participate in a 45-60 minute referee specific fitness session followed by an educational session.  

Some of the educational sessions within the program include:
• Fitness Training Education ( Speed, Speed Endurance, High Intensity, Recovery, and Nutrition)
• Use of Heart Rate and FIFA Macro Cycle
• Psychological Preparation
• Practical on-field Positioning
• In class match analysis

Some of the activities involved with the program are:
• Youth club / district mentoring
• BC Provincial Championships
• National/BC Provincial Teams Training Centre development matches
• University and PacWest Provincial Championships and League play
• Dallas Cup (International Youth Tournament)

Candidates Program Centers

Location: Burnaby    
Field: Burnaby Lake Turf    
Regular training days: Tuesday & Thursday
Start time: 6:00PM    
Lead Instructor: Igor Cvetkovski
Fitness Instructor: Igor Cvetkovski
Location: Langley
Field: Willoughby Lower Turf    
Regular training day(s): Thursday    
Start time: 6:00PM    
Lead Instructor: Rubin Smilev
Fitness Instructor: Rubin Smilev        
Location: Victoria
Field: Tyndall Park All-weather     
Regular training day(s): Wednesday
Start time: 7:15PM    
Lead Instructor: Tiberio de Frias
Fitness Instructor: Mark McNally-Dawes

Location: Kelowna
Field: KSS Field and Portable     
Regular training day(s): Wednesday
Start time: 5:00pm    
Lead Instructor: Arnar Bernhardsson
Fitness Instructor: Arnar Bernhardsson