Risk Management

Risk management allows organizations to identify and assess possible sources of harm, and take steps to decrease or prevent it from occurring. It must include evidence of procedures, processes and documents which show an organization’s commitment to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all of the game's participants.
While it is not possible to eliminate all the risks involved in playing, coaching, or administering sport, BC Soccer is committed to reducing the risks associated with soccer in the province.
BC Soccer Rule 21 – Criminal Record Checks 

All BC Soccer directors and every volunteer or employee of BC Soccer or an affiliated BC Soccer organization aged 19 years or older must have completed a Criminal Record Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Check on file in accordance with BC Soccer’s Criminal Record Check Policy.

- Criminal Record Check Policy

- Criminal Record Checks Procedures Good Practice Guide & Templates

- Youth District, Adult League & Associate Member CRC Compliance Report Template

- Club CRC Report Compliance Template

Risk Management Resources 

- BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect

- Respect in Sport, online Parent Education Course

- Respect in Sport, online Coach/Leader Education Course


This online system provides an alternative to making a trip to the police station.  All members of BC Soccer can now complete a Criminal Record Check from the comfort of home. myBackCheck.com allows you to recieve results within one business day. Because of the agreement we have reached with myBackCheck.com, they will provide this option at a discounted price of $25 plus HST for all BC Soccer member coaches, officials, volunteers and staff. Additionally, myBackCheck.com allows you to share the results of their criminal record check with any other organization at no further cost.
We strongly encourage you to register your own association / organization with myBackCheck.com.
Member Organization - Account Setup Process
I’m a Risk Management Officer (or President) of a BC Soccer Member Association / Organization. How do I register my organization?
Register your member soccer organization
Once myBackCheck.com receives the account setup forms, myBackCheck.com will contact you to provide you with usernames and passwords to access your account. It’s that easy!
Please note that the myBackCheck account has to be set-up by the Risk Management Officer (or President) of your organization, and access to Criminal Record Check results will be provided only to each club Risk Management Officer.
User completing a Criminal Record Check
My organization is signed up with a myBackCheck account. How do I, as the Risk Management Officer, invite a candidate to complete a check from my account?
There are two options.
    1. If the member organization is covering the cost of the checks, please review this instructional video.
    2. If the individual is paying for their check, please refer them to this link: www.backcheck.net/bcsoccer
For more detailed information on creating and utilizing an account with MyBackCheck, please review / download the below documents:

CLICK HERE to view the steps to complete checks when an organization sends an invitation
CLICK HERE to view the steps to complete checks when no invitations have been sent