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About BC Soccer

Who We Are & What We Do

BC Soccer’s Vision is for everyone connected with the game to have “Positive soccer experiences”. Our Mission is to promote, develop and govern soccer in British Columbia. Read the 2022-2023 Year in Review Document, and watch the 2023 Year in Review recap video!

What is BC Soccer

BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the governance, promotion, and development of the game of soccer in British Columbia. BC Soccer is the largest provincial sport organization (PSO) in BC; and the third largest soccer-specific PSO in Canada.

We are a not-for-profit society which is membership-based and has a Board of Directors elected by the membership. It has four standing committees and two operational committees.

BC Soccer is funded in several ways but primarily through participant and member fees as well as Provincial Government Grants.

Participant fees are received in several ways including annual player registrations, referee clinics and coaching courses, and annual referee registration. Member fees are received via annual registration, competition and team entry fees and sanctioning of tournaments and events.

BC Soccer is fortunate to receive funding through several Provincial Government Grants which it applies for annually. Grants are applied to various BC Soccer programs and focus on generating increased participation, coach development, performance athlete support and supporting communities hosting events.

As the provincial sport governing body responsible for the promotion and development of youth and adult soccer in British Columbia, BC Soccer delivers and supports many competitive and recreational programs for our members, the participants and the soccer community.

Watch our most recent “Year in Review” video or read the most recent Year in Review digital record documenting the past year’s activity. These include the oversight and guidance on technical standards aligned to Canada Soccer’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) in the delivery of player, coach and referee development programs and education.

BC Soccer also facilitates the running of Provincial Cup competitions, provides annual participant insurance, support with granting programs, club licensing, and the delivery of all coaching courses and referee clinics. As part of its responsibility in governing the game, BC Soccer implements and upholds rules and regulations, sanctions competitions, and in alignment with Canada Soccer bylaws implements independent judicial/disciplinary processes.

BC Soccer also provides its member groups with good practice and best advice across various areas of the game.