Added Education and Safety Resources

Ongoing coach education, player safety and providing helpful resource materials are of great importance to BC Soccer.  This page has been designed to provide the membership, affiliated organizations, coaches, parents and players with educational health, fitness, safety and age appropriate coaching resources.

The following technical resources cover information that supports Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model from U6-U12 soccer and U13-U18 through to adult soccer with a focus on Small Sided Game and 11v11 game formats.

U6-U12 Soccer

Small Sided Game Development Manual

Small Sided Training Cycle Example

Grassroots Futsal Coaches Handbook

Goalkeeping Development Manual Stages 1-3  

To bridge the gap for players and coaches between the small sided game and the 11v11 game formats, BC Soccer has researched the benefits of modifying the game to suit the developmental needs of young players and this includes the following resources:

Transition between Small Sided and 11v11 Game formats

Retreat Line Analysis

Retreat Line Developmental Tool

BC Soccer U13 Retreat Line Guideline

The resources below are designed in consultation with the Canada Soccer Association, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the BCSPL to support player and coach development for the U13-U18 age groups. The curriculum, the game model and profiles cover a framework of best practices and supports coaches on how to effectively develop sessions and implement into game situations.

U13-U18 to Adult Soccer

BC Soccer Curriculum

BC Soccer Game Model - With Possession

BC Soccer Game Model - Without Possession

Goalkeeping Development Manual Stages 4-7

Other Resources

Performance Point Cardiac Screening

Nutrition Guidelines for Sporting Events

F-Mark Nutrition

Health and Fitness for the Female Player

Emergency Manual

Human Kinetics Books

Female Initiative Workshops

LTAD Considerations to Actively Engage Girls and Young Women Presentation
Discussion will focus on several key issues central to supporting girls and young women as athletes and leaders, including training environments, injury prevention, role models, and “on- and off-ramps”. Practical recommendations will be provided. This presentation can be delivered in-person or via webinar. A 1.5-hour presentation hosted by CAAWS.



We are pleased to share the below resources from Canada Soccer.

Long-Term Player Development: A community Guide

Wellness to World Cup Brochure 7-Stages

Volume 1 Long Term Player Development - Wellness to World Cup (pdf).

Athletes with Disabilities - Long Term Player Development

For more details, please visit the Canadian Sport for Life national model of Long-Term Athlete (player) Development and Canada Soccer.


BC Soccer is pleased to partner with and support the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and specifically their National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

The below courses are offered in The Locker, which is CAC's online registration and educaiton delevery system. If you have taken a BC Soccer Coaching Course, you are already in The Locker system with an NCCP Coaching Number. You can obtain this number by logging into The Locker System with your e-mail address.

Making Ethical Decsions

Safe Sport Training

Making Headway - Concussion Management

Emergency Action Plan

Managing Conflict

To register for any of the above, please CLICK HERE.

We are also pleased to support SportMed BC who offer the following workshops that also provide NCCP Professional Development points that would be traked in The Locker.

Sports First Aid

Athletic Taping

Concussion Management

SportSmart: Injury Prevention and Performance

To register for any of the above, please CLICK HERE.

Safety of all participants is the responsibility of everyone involved in soccer!

The follow information is broken up into Education, Policy, Return to Play - Post Injury, Resources and Forms.

BC Soccer recommends coaches to complete concussion training, parents take an active role to understand concussion symptoms. All organizations under BC Soccer's membership are to have a concussion management plan and distribute appropriate resources to support the plan.


Making Headway (Coaching Association of Canada / National Coaching Certification Program) - CLICK HERE to register.

Concussion Management (SportMed BC) - CLICK HERE to register.

Concussion Awareness Training Tool (BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit) - CLICK HERE to register for free


All members under BC Soccer must adhere to BC Soccer's Concussion Policy.

Linked here is Canada Soccer Concussion Policy.

Return to Play - Post Injury

A typical RTP process will be made up of 6 steps. There must be a minimum of 24 hours before each step is assessed although this could be considerably longer than 24 hours. Oversight should be provided by a medical professional. CLICK HERE to view the 6-step process.


Canada Soccer Concussion Guidelines


Injury Report Form

Medical History Form

BC Soccer believes that everyone involved in soccer has the right to participate in safe and inclusive environments free of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and to enjoy the sport at whatever level or capacity they participate in.

The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.

In all of soccer development, competitions and programs, BC Soccer advocates coaches to follow a responsible Coaches Code of Conduct.

Respect in Sport
BC Soccer is pleased to partner with The Respect Group to support all the online education and certification program they have developed to support and create safe environments that are free from harassment, bullying and abuse.

Coaches are encouraged to take the Respect in Sport to Activity Leader E-learning Education Program.
The fee for this user friendly 2.5-hour online course is $30, collected by registration and payment process is done through Respect in Sport.


Coaching Association of Canada
BC Soccer is also pleased to support The Safe Sport Training module offered by the Coaching Association of Canada. This FREE, 90-minute eLearning module that BC Soccer encourages all coaches to take, provides coaches the tools to recognize, address, and prevent maltreatment in sport. The module aligns with the principles of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport and meets Sport Canada requirements for Safe Sport education. CLICK HERE for more detailed information and to take the training.

Movement Preparation

An effective training program performed as a warm up before practices and games to enhance performance and durability.  Movement preparation not only prepares the body for movement, it also reduces the risk of injury during physical activity and builds skills necessary for performance often neglected during regular training. A 3-module course hosted by Sport for Life. CLICK HERE for more detailed information and to take the training.

Supporting Positive Behaviour 

The content in the module focuses on 20 simple tools that coaches can learn to support positive behaviour in groups.  The strategies are helpful for all children, but may be especially helpful for children who have ‘invisible disabilities’ such as learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc. A1.5-hour e-learning module hosted by Canucks Autism Network. CLICK HERE for more detailed information and to take the training.