Becoming a Member

BC Soccer is pleased to be the largest provincial sport organization (PSO) in BC and the third largest soccer specific PSO in Canada. We believe in the power of soccer and look to develop our game by emphasizing its benefits of active and healthy living while supporting our member clubs, districts, and leagues to strengthen and unite their local soccer community.

Levels of Membership

BC Soccer has two levels of membership:

1) Active Membership (Full Member)

Any non-affiliated adult (senior) league or youth district may make application to become an Active Member of the BC Soccer Association.
Active membership entitles the league/district to:

- Access to BC Soccer Registered Referees
- Insurance (Accident and Liability)
- Ability to apply for Tournament Sanctioning
- Ability to apply for Out-of-Province travel
- Ability to request / host Certification Clinics (Referee & Coaching)
- Ability to participate in sanctioned tournaments
- BC Soccer Communication
- Support in the development of coaches and referees
- Support from the referee program for the ongoing monitoring / assessing of referees
- Invitation to regular Adult / Senior Leage meetings
- Voice and vote at General Meetings of the Association
- Participate in a provincial championship, and at some levels if successful, participate in the national club championships (with financial support (flights) from BC Soccer / Canadian Soccer)

2) Associate (Limited) Membership

Organizations can seek Associate (Limited) Membership in one or more of the following categories: Adult League, Post Secondary Institution, Fraternal Organization, Multi-Sport Organization, Short Term Event, For-Profit Organziation, or Other.

Read more about these Associate Membership Categories, their requirements and benefits in our BC Soccer Associate Membership Categories document. Updated - February 21, 2015 BC Soccer Board Meeting.

How to Apply

To apply for Full or Associate Membership, please complete either the Active (Full) Membership Application Form or Associate Membership Application Form and provide it; as well as, a letter addressed to the Association requesting consideration for membership to

Full Member Application

Associate Member Application

Associate Member Renewal Form

Associate Membership Application - Short Term (10 days or less) Event

Associate Member for Adult League

Associate Member Renewal for Adult League

Upon receipt of the membership application, it is presented to the Board of Directors for their consideration. It is the BC Soccer Board of Director’s jurisdiction to grant membership status. If approved, it is with the understanding that the league/district agrees to abide by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Association, and agrees to register all its members, teams and players as per BC Soccer policy and pay the appropriate fees.