Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Policies

BC Soccer Rules and Regulations, Constitution and Bylaws, as well as many more policies, manuals, and guidelines can all be found below.  Please also note that additional resources and documents can be found on:

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Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards Policy, and Procedures
Discipline Sanction Policy
Program/Service Fee Schedule for April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018
Program/Service Fee schedule for April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019
Playing Down Policy
Playing Up Policy & Regulation
Scholarship Policy
Travel Policy
Privacy Policy
Social Media Policy
Concussion Policy
Policy for Metro Select League Programming
Club Charter Program - Coach Certification Compliance Policy

Harassment Policy - In the Fall of 2015, the BC Soccer Board of Directors approved amendments to the Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards and Policy and Procedures document, which included updates and directives from Canada Soccer.  A portion of these amendments included adding section 1.7 “Free of Harassment” which resulted in a redundancy with the BC Soccer Harassment Policy.  As a result, in January 2016, the BC Soccer Board of Directors dissolved the BC Soccer Harassment Policy as the handling of harassment is captured in the undated Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards and Policy document.
Canada Soccer Policies

Lightning Safety / Severe Weather Policy (Updated July 2017)

Environment Canada Video - Lightning safety

Players Wearing Casts Policy

Insulin Pump Policy