On behalf of the Canadian Soccer Association, BC Soccer offers national certification courses within the Community Sport Stream  and the Licensing Stream which are age specific and focus on the Long Term Player Development stages. For more information on our coaching courses and registration, please visit our "Coaching Courses" page.

BC Soccer is also pleased to support member organizations and affilfiated clubs by providing three free festival and/or  workshop offerings that not only support player development and fun participation but also increase coach education and training.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor festival discussed below, BC Soccer is also able to offer a Goalkeeping (U13+) workshop upon request. For more information, please visit our "Festivals and Workshops" page.

Answers to many of the frequently asked questions are below.

I want to coach in BC, how do I find a team?

The game in British Columbia is administered at the local level, by Youth District Soccer Associations and Adult (Senior) Full Member Leagues who are affiliated to BC Soccer and carry the responsibility for organizing and running soccer activities in their area.  Each of them governs the local soccer clubs under its regional jurisdiction.  

Visit our "Directory of Membership" page to view a listing of our Youth District Soccer Associations and Adult Leagues.

Can I receive exemption from foreign coaching qualification or playing experience?

All such inquiries are made directly with Canada Soccer:

Foreign Certification Equivalency: CLICK HERE

Ex-Professional or National Team playing experience: CLICK HERE



M.E.D. Making Ethical Decisions

Making Ethical Decisions

This module is offered through Coaches Association of Canada and delivered by its local NCCP partner that is aimed at coaches to identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.  Since the launch of the new courses within our National Coaching Pathway, the Making Ethical Decisions module became a separate component from the soccer-specific courses and enables the coach to complete it on his/her own time.  The coach only needs to complete this module once and it is evaluation based.  Coaches can initially take the training through either, on-line, in-class or home-study options for $65 and then must complete the online evaluation (included in the fee) meeting a passing grade of minimum 75% in order to obtain record on their NCCP transcript.

Once coaches have completed the MED training and it appears on their NCCP transcript, they will have unlimited attempts at the MED evaluation (Competition Development module).  Coaches may also choose to proceed directly to the MED evaluation without taking any training, however, please note the following:

  • This fee is an $85 charge for directly attempting the on-line evaluation
  • Coaches will have two (2) attempts at passing the evaluation ONLY.  If after two attempts they have not received a passing grade of 75%, coaches will be required to register for MED training prior to re-trying the on-line evaluation

For more information and how to register for this course and/or proceed to complete the on-line evaluation, please click here:  Making Ethical Decisions Module


Community Stream:  Coaches must complete the MED training which is necessary for “trained” status in the NCCP database (this is available, in person or home study options)

Licensing Stream:  Successful MED online evaluation pass (75%+) is necessary for “certified” status in the NCCP database.  MED training is recommended but is not necessary to take the evaluation but you only have two tries at the test before having to complete the training. 



What coaching course am I supposed to take?

To find out the requirements you need as a coach Click HERE