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The following databases hold the records of coach certification levels obtained over the years.  The BC Soccer database records all coaches who took their certification in British Columbia up to and including the B License Part 1 (B Provincial) and the Canada Soccer database records the B License Part 2 (B National) and higher.

Please refer to the other tabs if you are looking for your NCCP transcript or if you have any questions surrounding foreign coaching equivalency or the exemption process. For coaches who took a coaching course in another province outside of British Columbia, please check with the respective provincial contact person.

The following links are a complete listing of the BC Soccer certification database for all coaches who have successfully completed BC Soccer courses. This database is updated monthly with the various search options.

These courses include:  Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life, B Pretest, C License and the Provincial B Licence only.

Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life, B Pretest, C License and B Licence Provincial.

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The Canada Soccer Coaching Certification Database is a listing of all coaches who have successfully completed the following courses: B National License, A National License and those who received approved foreign coaching certification equivalency.

If you have any questions regarding their database, please contact Canada Soccer directly at


The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) flagship coach education program.  Coaches with an NCCP account can access their coaching records who may have taken multi-sport modules or recognized Canada Soccer/BC Soccer coaching courses.

The NCCP database can be accessed by signing in to The Locker account.  For inquiries about the NCCP database, please contact the Coaches Association of Canada directly.


If you have obtained coaching certificates outside of Canada you may be able to apply for Canadian Foreign Equivalency.

If you are looking to enter the coaching pathway in Canada and looking for a potential exemption based on your playing background you may be able to apply under Exemptions for Ex-Professional and National Team Players

All questions regarding these matters are overseen by Canada Soccer, so please contact directly at