Request to host a course (Hosts)

BC Soccer is pleased to offer member organizations the opportunity to request and host courses that certify their coaches. Please access the resouces below.


Course Host Process

The Course Host Process is available for Member Organizations who wish to request hosting a Community Coaching Course.  It is available in the Course Host Information Package or by watching the short video below.

Host Login To Request Courses

BC Soccer has an online system for host organizations to use when requesting to host Community Coaching Courses.  Hosts must log into


Certification Coaching Database Check

The BC Soccer Coaching Certification Database* is located on the Coach FAQ page HERE. It is a complete listing of all coaches who have successfully completed the following courses: Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life, B Pretest, C License and B License Provincial.  This database is updated monthly and organizations can cross reference their coach certification compliance with this tool.

Flat Fee Host Invoicing

FLAT FEE HOST INVOICING BC Soccer has modified it’s pay model for the Community Coaching Courses by creating a flat fee invoicing process for member organizations who host courses.  These course fees are based on the respective course levels and based on organizations who fall in to STANDARD or REMOTE soccer community types.  These categories are based District Association player registration numbers. For more information please watch the video at the top of the page

Course flat fees are as follows:


Standard and Remote Soccer Community Types

Any affiliate member organization that falls under the umbrella of a BC Soccer District Association are categorized as follows*:

STANDARD soccer community type = MORE than 1,000 players registered in your District

REMOTE soccer community types = LESS than 1,000 players registered in your District

Coaching Requirements in BC

In support of coach education, BC Soccer has the follow requirement for all Head Coaches.

In House Learning Facilitator Model

BC Soccer communicated to its member organizations for a call to action in light of the coach certification mandate rule coming in place as of June 2016.  After an overwhelming response, BC Soccer trained over 110 individuals from all regions across the province to enable organizations to certify their coaches in-house.