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BC Soccer Premier League

The BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) is a standards-based development environment for girls and boys aged U13 to U18 and is positioned as the highest level of youth development community soccer within BC. Its purpose is to bring together identified players from the BC Soccer membership in training and game environments that support overall development, as well as providing further opportunities for player identification into higher levels of play including, Provincial Programming, University, League1 BC, Professional, progression into adult community soccer, and ultimately, National teams programming.

Coach & Referee Development

The BCSPL is also designed to support the development of coaches and referees, who are required to attain a minimum level of certification to ensure high standards are in place. This is complimented with ongoing technical support through the BCSPL Participating Clubs, BC Soccer, and Canada Soccer.

BCSPL Overview and History

This document provides full-context into the BCSPL’s history, the establishment of the league, the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in delivering the league, as well as frequently asked questions.