Diversity / Women in Soccer

Thank you to all of those who submitted an application to join the DWG and WIS!

The BC Soccer Diversity Working Group (DWG) Committee and the BC Soccer Women in Soccer (WIS) Committee are looking for Community Committee Members!

BC Soccer is looking for people who are passionate about the game of soccer and who would like to contribute to the Women in Soccer Committee and or the Diversity Working Group Committee as Community Committee Members.  Community Committee Members are valuable members of various BC Soccer Committees as they speak for the soccer community in British Columbia.

BC Soccer is always looking to strengthen and diversify their committees.  By having an open application for those who are interested BC Soccer hopes to attract passionate, diverse, and pro-active professionals who want to help strengthen the overall soccer environment in BC as it relates to their specific committee.

BC Soccer Community Committee Members will be expected to meet once a month at the BC Soccer Office (video conferencing available for those unable to attend) as well as complete the various small tasks that may come up between meetings. BC Soccer committee members must also be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement as well as be willing to complete a criminal record check (covered by BC Soccer) and all DWG & WIS Committee members are appointed for one year.

Please note that the Community Committee Member positions are volunteers. Thank you and if you are interested in becoming a BC Soccer DWG or WIS Community Committee Member please complete the online application form below.  

For more information, please read the Committee Terms of Reference below or contact Aimee Kapil, Soccer Development Coordinator at aimeekapil@bcsoccer.net

Committee Terms of Reference:

The membership of the DWG & WIS committees shall be comprised of a minimum of 5 members, one of which shall be the Chair who is a member of the Board of Directors. The DWG & WIS Committee will be formed on the direction of the Board of Directors based on the advice of the appointed Chair.  The Chair shall be appointed by the Board of Directors upon the advice of the President of the Association.

Committee Goals:

DWG: The goals of the Committee are to oversee and guide the development of the game of soccer in British Columbia as it relates to issues of diversity. The Committee will advise the Board of Directors of the Association with respect to the rules, regulations, and programming regarding any aspects of diversity with respect to any aspect of the game, its administration or governance.

WIS: The goals of the Committee are to oversee and guide the development of the game of soccer in British Columbia as it relates to females.

DWG & WIS Committee members shall be subject to the Board of Directors’ policies regarding confidentiality, conflict of interest, privacy, and harassment, and must complete a Criminal Record Check.


The Diversity Working Group (DWG) was formed with the intent of exploring all issues of diversity within the sport of soccer with a focus on the membership of the BC Soccer Association.

The main goals of the DWG are to engage the broad soccer community to solicit and gather input regarding challenges and solutions to enhancing diversity in the game of soccer, create priority action items and goals to enhance diversity in the game of soccer through community input and then develop a proposed action plan to be presented to BC Soccer board for implementation. Through this process the DWG will continue to engage the community to revise the action plan and address other issues or challenges relating to diversity and the game of soccer.

2015/2016 DWG Priority - Cultural Diversity in Soccer

The BC Soccer Diversity Working Group's overall priority for 2015/16 is to focus on the cultural diversity within soccer in British Columbia. Falling within this overall priority the DWG has outlined three strategic priorities: Cultural Collaboration, Aboriginal Partnerships, and Gender and Cultural best practices which will help aid other BC Soccer Committees in regards to cultural diversity.  To successfully complete their outline priorities and objectives the DWG will be looking to reach out to various communities throughout the provincial soccer landscape which will ultimately assist BC Soccer in becoming as culturally inclusive as possible.

In the News and Past Committee Workings

CBC Radio "The Current" - Harry Manson

2014/2015 DWG Priority - Women in Soccer

Women In Soccer

The Diversity Working Group’s 2013/2014 priority was to address the specific diversity issue of gender with a focus on Women in Soccer.

Through that exploration BC Soccer released the Diversity Working Group's Women in Soccer -“A Conversation”, a summary of findings and recommendations from conversations with women and girls in the BC Soccer Community.

The document was created to capture the voice of our membership and report on the DWG community engagement sessions, which took place across the province and asked key questions regarding the issues of diversity and women in soccer.

Women in Soccer - A Conversation

Diversity Working Group Resources

CAAWS http://www.caaws.ca/

Sisters In Soccer www.sistersinsoccer.ca

Canadian Women's Foundation www.canadianwomen.org

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