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Learning Facilitator Program

The Learning Facilitator Program is a service to BC Soccer's Member Organizations and its Affiliate Clubs to help train their coaches at the Grassroots level according to the minimum coaching requirement in BC Soccer's Rules & Regulations.

Learning Facilitator Program

Our vision is to empower all organizations to designate technical leads who are responsible for overseeing coach development within their organization by becoming trained as a BC Soccer Learning Facilitator. In this way, they can be qualified to deliver the various Grassroots coaching courses with an 'In-Club' delivery model.

We are accepting application requests from individuals interested in becoming trained as an ‘In-Club’ Learning Facilitator. Applicants must be endorsed by a club official (Club President or Executive Director) with the understanding that once training has been completed, this individual will be responsible for coordinating and delivering coach training to the respective club according to its needs.

Please review the Learning Facilitator Program manual for more information and the training requirements.

Read the Learning Facilitator Program manual.

Application Process:

  1. To start the process, applicants must first submit a cleared Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Checkin compliance with BC Soccer Rule 17 by emailing BC Soccer, please click here.
  2. Once your CRC information has been reviewed and cleared, you will be emailed an application form to complete. New applicants are required to upload a valid Canada Soccer Licence issued as of 2016 when the overall coach education curriculum had been updated. You must also provide the contact details of a BC Soccer member organization (Club President or Executive Director) who is aware and willing to provide an endorsement for you to be their "In-Club" Learning Facilitator. 

We place a great value on coach education, and it is important to us those coaches who experience these BC Soccer’s services are trained by competent and passionate Learning Facilitators

explains Rob Csabai, Manager of Coaching Development. 

The following promotional video was a call-to-action to our membership which inaugurated the start of BC Soccer's Learning Facilitator Program in 2016 with the aim of enabling all clubs to meet the challenge of training their coaches at the Grassroots course levels with an 'In-Club' model.

Organizations who have someone designated for this role have the flexibility to provide coach training all season long.

If you are a BC Soccer member organization looking to host a Grassroots course for your coaches, please review the requirements in the Course Host Manual document.