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Other Diplomas

BC Soccer believes in providing ongoing soccer education to meet the evolving and developmental needs within the game particularly in the areas of operational management and technical programming. The following diploma workshops are designed for the modern technical leader and coaches who want to take their knowledge to a higher level.

Technical Director Diploma

The Technical Director Diploma workshop is focused on supporting individuals who are responsible for providing technical leadership for their soccer organization. It is aimed at individuals who currently hold a Technical Director position and for those who may be in the capacity to oversee those responsibilities whether full-time, part-time, or as a volunteer.

This workshop is also for those individuals who want to learn the skills to pursue a role as a technical lead in the future. Technical leadership is more than just coaching. Technical leads are expected to be able to manage large soccer systems with responsibilities that stretch beyond coaching the players. A Technical Director must develop and manage its coaches in the club.

This involves planning technical programs into a strategic pathway and developing a training curriculum that coordinates all coaching activities. This workshop provides the education and training needed to fulfill the many aspects of the Technical Director’s role which is beyond the technical and the coaching-based component.

The Technical Director Diploma is designed to offer these valuable learnings through presentations, case study analysis and interactive discussions aimed to enhance your current skills and experiences. The scheduling of this workshop is dependant on demand, if you wish to register your interest with us, we will notify you of an upcoming workshop. Please click here.

We were pleased with the overall interest over the past few years having trained over 130 technical leaders in our province to date, explains Rob Csabai, Manager of Coaching Development, and we would like to encourage all our Member Organizations to have their Technical Lead pursue this diploma. The more we can equip individuals in leadership roles with information that is pertinent to the responsibilities of a Technical Director, the better we can support the technical development of soccer in British Columbia.

  • Pre-requisite: N/A (experience in technical leadership is highly recommended)
  • Duration: 2-day workshop (100% attendance is required)
  • Course Fee: $300 + GST and user admin fee of $4.25

*Full payment must be made at the time of registering or you will automatically be removed and will have to re-register.

For Registration details please click here.

Goalkeeping Diploma

This workshop introduces coaches to the art of goalkeeping. The contents of this workshop are designed to give coaches basic knowledge with regards to the techniques and skills involved in being an effective goalkeeper.  Most importantly, it provides coaches enough information and direction to be able to effectively introduce goalkeeping into their weekly team training sessions. Previous goalkeeping experience is not required.

The Goalkeeping Diploma was designed as a 1-day workshop consisting of presentations, interactive discussions and assignments aimed to enhance current skills and experiences.

Based on overall interest, we will look to schedule an upcoming GK Diploma workshop in the future and will contact you at that point via email if you have filled out our form found here.

  • Pre-requisite: N/A (experience as a Goalkeeper is recommended)
  • Duration: 1 day (5 hour + course assignments)
  • Course Fee: $84 + $4.46 user fee / system processing fee (includes GST)

For more information about the Goalkeeping Diploma and to register, please click here.