Grants Program

BC Soccer Grants Program

The BC Soccer Grants Program has been designed to support BC Soccer’s strategic objectives to encourage and reward organizations who introduce specialized programming from the categories below. Member organizations that provide such programs may apply to receive a $1,000 grant.

To apply for any of the BC Soccer Grants, please complete the following online form HERE or contact BC Soccer's Soccer Development Officer Alfonso Munoz at

Grants are available in the following categories:

Disability Programming

This grant supports programs and activities that are designed to offer players with any form of disability the opportunity to play soccer.  Programs and activities can include Para, Amputee, Power chair, hearing impaired, adaptive soccer and other program offerings. For more information on these, please CLICK HERE the Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development ‘Players with Disability’ document. 

Non-Traditional Programming

This grant supports programs and activities that offer alternate forms of soccer such as futsal, walking soccer, co-ed soccer and U13+ Small Sided Games formats. Non-traditional programs provide a great deal of flexibility for those who are looking for something different.

Under-Represented Group Programming

This grant supports programs and activities that are designed to welcome people to soccer by providing accessibility in all its forms. Under-represented groups such as aboriginal outreach, low-income families, and new immigrants to the province qualify for this grant. This grant is designed to help organizations ensure they can offer accessible and affordable programs.

Female Grant Initiative

This specialized grant program is for member organizations who are working to enhance female-specific programming. This initiative, brought forward by the Women in Soccer Committee aligns with BC Soccer’s strategic objective of increasing the percentage of female players, coaches, referees, and administrators in the sport, and is designed to help the BC Soccer membership retain, attract, and enhance female programming. Here is an example of a Successful Female Initiative Program

Soccer in Schools

The aim of the Schools Grant is to introduce and connect children to the game of soccer. Therefore, BC Soccer encourages and supports member organizations who want to oversee and deliver after School Soccer Programs to children in grades 1 through 6.  This grant is a partnership between School Districts, Member Associations and BC Soccer, helping to lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship with the game, sport and physical activity.  

Festival Grants

BC Soccer is pleased to support member organizations who want to deliver a soccer festival for girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 12. This ‘fun-for-all’ format is a great way to kick off your soccer season or at anytime during the year as it provides an easy to manage set up and involvement for all participants, players and coaches alike. This 1-day event can be delivered by your club with our support or you can request BC Soccer to deliver it with your help. You can CLICK HERE for a better idea of what a festival is.

To request further details, requirements and next steps to host a Festival, please contact BC Soccer's Soccer Development Officer Alfonso Munoz at

ViaSport Grants

In addition to the grants provided to the BC Soccer members and affiliated soccer clubs, BC Soccer would also like to make the soccer community aware of the the available ViaSport grants.  

ViaSport administers sport-related grant programs funded by the government of BC that encourage sport participation and healthy living, develop high-performance athletes and improve delivery of sport and recreation programs to benefit all residents.

CLICK HERE for a detail listing of available grants, along with application forms

CLICK HERE for additional funding opportunities available, along with application forms

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

CLICK HERE to apply for a CAAWS Grant