BC Soccer is pleased to provide the following Grassroots programs and services to the members and their affiliated clubs across the province.  These programs and services are designed to support the development and  education for players, coaches, referees and clubs in it's widest sense.

Club Charter Program

BC Soccer’s free Club Charter Program is designed to assist and support members and their affiliated soccer clubs with the objective of providing players, parents, referees and coaches assurance that a charter club is operating and meeting set standards, while also creating a supportive environment for clubs across BC to improve its operation both on and off the field.

For more information on BC Soccer's Club Charter Program CLICK HERE


BC Soccer is pleased to provide Grassroots Festivals to celebrate soccer across the Province.  These fun filled events are designed to maximize enjoyment and player participation within an age appropriate station based learning environment.  These festivals are based on the FIFA delivery model.

For more information on the BC Soccer Festival Grants Program and to apply to potential receive a grant to support your local member organization to host one, please CLICK HERE.


Futsal is the only indoor version of soccer recognized by the international governing body of soccer, FIFA. It is a 5-aside (5v5) game, played on a smooth court surface with an age specific futsal (low bounce) ball. These factors allow each player to make technical and tactical decisions, and promote physical and social elements associated with soccer. This fast paced, skillful game can be used as a great development tool for soccer players of all ages.

As and when more information is available for specific Futsal Festivals, information packages will be posted here.


The following Grassroots Workshops are provided free of charge upon request.

The following Grassroots Workshops are provided free of charge upon request.

- Futsal Festivals
- Outdoor Festivals
- Goalkeeping (U13+)

To request a workshop, please contact BC Soccer's Soccer Development Department via Paul Turner at