High Performance

High performance soccer in British Columbia is defined by the Long Term Player Development aligned pathway that is player-centred and coach-led with optimal support to enable players to convert toward Canada Soccer National Team Programming. 

The identified environments within BC’s high performance stream are the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League, BC Soccer High Performance Program (HPP), Vancouver Whitecaps FC Male Residency and Female REX Program and Canadian Soccer Association National Teams Program; all of which work together in partnership to deliver high performance programming.

*A number of player development environments support the high performance player pathway, including district associations, affiliate soccer clubs in BC and BC Soccer associate member organizations. 

To view the Overall Player Pathway including related Playing Environments, please visit the Player Pathway / LTPD page.

EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League and the BC Soccer High Performance License

The EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League was established by BC Soccer in conjunction with the Canada Soccer, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, the BCSPL Founding Club Franchise and the BC Soccer membership.  The overall objective of the league is to support the development and identification of players within a standards based internment for Under 13 through Under 18 male and female programming. 
For more information on the league, please visit the BCSPL website.

The BC Soccer High Performance License is a free service designed to assist and support all the BCSPL Franchise Clubs in maintaining and enhancing high performance technical standards, that promotes a player first mentality, supports the Canada Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development Model and provides a clear and recognised pathway for player development and identification within British Columbia.

The HP License will be an extension of the BC Soccer Club Charter Program, solely for BCSPL Franchise Clubs. Franchise Clubs within the BCSPL will have to uphold to the highest Club Charter standard available as well as adhere to the High Performance License Criteria, which includes further development of Technical Standards.

To view the BC Soccer High Performance License please click HERE


BC Soccer High Performance Program (Provincial Program)

BC Soccer’s High Performance Program consists of both development camps and identification matches held throughout the year. The matches are primarily against the Whitecaps FC Residency Program, with the design of the overall program being to provide development and identification opportunities for potential selection into Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency (males) and BC REX (female) programming with the ultimate objective of having more players from BC involved in Canada Soccer National Team programming as they aspire to advance within the player development pathway in BC.

Players involved in BC Soccer's High Performance Program are specifically identified and invited to participate based on recommendations from the Technical Directors from within the BCSPL franchise clubs, Whitecaps FC coaching staff, BC REX coaching staff, and BC Soccer development staff.  

CLICK HERE to review details on BC Soccer High Performance Player Evaluation and Selection Process

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Male Residency and Female REX Program

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Residency Program

The Whitecaps FC Residency is a full-time, fully funded, player development program designed to maximize a player’s potential on and off the field through a “soccer lifestyle” philosophy linking technical and personal development.  By integrating training, education and accommodation, all conveniently situated in Burnaby, Whitecaps Residency provides the perfect conditions to develop and prepare elite athletes for the mental and physical demands of professional environments in North America and Europe.

For more information on this program please visit our WFC partners "Residency" page.

Vancouver Whitecaps Girls Elite REX Program in Partnership with BC Soccer (BC REX)

As part of the Canada Soccer Pathway,  BC Soccer has partnered with Whitecaps FC and Canada Soccer to launch the first Women's Regional EXCEL Centre (REX) in Western Canada. The Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX Program in Partnership with BC Soccer kicked off in January 2015.

The Girls Elite REX program in Vancouver maintains a standardized national curriculum for female players U-13 to U-18, feeding into Canada Soccer’s Women’s National EXCEL Program.

What is EXCEL?

Goal 1: To achieve consistent podium performances by our Women’s National Team.

Goal 2: To create an aligned talent structure and system that progresses more top players to the Women’s National Team and more often.

Goal 3: To align community, regional and provincial/territorial talent development programs with the EXCEL talent pathway.

The BC REX Program includes:

  • Individualized programs target areas of player ability and deficiency using statistical and video analysis
  • Team concepts, tactical applications, injury prevention, and athletic nutritional requirements
  • Age specific training with emphasis on speed of play and performance criteria
Canadian Soccer Association National Teams Program

The Canadian Soccer Association’s National Teams Program mandate is to consistently identify talent, monitor, assess, train and elevate those identified male and female Canadian soccer players.

Through a recognized, sustainable, domestic and international training and competition programming these players will be prepared and assessed on their readiness to perform at the international level of competition.

The ultimate GOAL of the National Youth Teams  Program is to prepare these players male and female for the Canadian National Youth Teams and ultimately selection to the Senior Men’s and Women’s National Teams competing on the world stage.

Recognized Scouting Process

Stage 1
Clubs - The initial player evaluation comes from the feedback provided from the local clubs to the Provincial Associations or through local scouts.

Stage 2
Provincial Partners - The player will get further evaluations done by our provincial partners.

Stage 3
CSA Staff - The information collected is shared with CSA staff.

Stage 4
Regional Camps - CSA will conduct regional identification camps where recognized and properly identified players will have a chance to showcase themselves.

Stage 5
National Team - Selected players will get called up for National Team representation.

Regional Tier 3 League

One of BC Soccer’s Strategic Plan objectives is to introduce a professionally administered adult amateur soccer league by 2019.  Over the past 18 months, a committee has been gathering information, feedback and researching other similar leagues/environments, within Canada and Washington, who offer a semi-professional level of play.

BC Soccer is pleased to be able to now introduce the next stage of these developments presenting an open call for applications to individuals and/or organizations to apply for a Franchise Holder License in such a league.

Pending the establishment of multiple franchises, the next stage will prepare to usher in the new BC Soccer Regional Tier 3 League (RT3 League).  The RT3 League is positioned within the BC Soccer Recognized Pathway as an amateur league run professionally. It is a platform for adult soccer within the LTPD stage 6 of ‘Training to Win’ designed to be in a standards-based high performance environment for potential professional and national team players. Its purpose is also to create a league that will support and assist with the transition from youth to adult soccer. Although this current initiative is for male players only, it embraces the potential of expansion to a female league in the future.

An application process has been created for individuals and/or organizations who are interested in being a part of this initiative by becoming a Franchise Holder within the BC Soccer RT3 League. The league is projected to kick-off in the spring of 2018 with the guiding principles that:

  • Support Canada Soccer’s “Player First Mentality” and Long Term Development Strategy
  • Work in harmony with existing adult and high performance youth league structures
  • Provide an elevated level of competition for adult High Performance players in British Columbia
  • Advocate an enhanced standards-based soccer environment

All interested entities are required to first submit an online pre-application intent to apply for a Franchise Holder License.  A Selection Committee will vet successful applicants who will then be asked to provide further evidence of their commitment, ability and sustainability to obtain a License through a documentation and interview processes surrounding various core criteria.

For more information about this initiative please read the RT3 Information Package and the RT3 Operations Manual and Technical Standards reference documents.



For general inquiries about the new BC Soccer RT3 League initiative please contact peterlonergan@bcsoccer.net.