Hosting a Provincial Cup

BC Soccer is proud to operate provincial championships for youth teams. These prestigious competitions offer teams across British Columbia the opportunity to compete against other top teams from around the province in their age and ability category. BC Soccer has opened their application process to their member youth districts and or affiliated clubs looking to host a youth provincial cup. The opening of the hosting application process allows clubs and districts to apply to host a provincial cup in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020.

BC Soccer's provincial cup application process is open for three of the four youth provincial cups: Les Sinnott Memorial Boys Provincial Cup; Girls Provincial B Cup; and the Provincial A Cup.  Youth Districts and or their affiliated clubs must meet minimum standards to host a provincial cup;  however, BC Soccer recognizes that setting high standards could temporarily bar some regions from hosting and therefore, the BC Soccer Competitions Committee wishes to work with such regions.  Even those districts and clubs who may not fully meet all the requirements are encouraged to apply.

BC Soccer Youth Provincial Championships Application - Hosting Standards and Guide

BC Soccer Youth Provincial Bid Application

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