Delivery of Coach Mandate


IMPORTANT:  If you are coaching in the ages U6-U12 you are required to complete the age appropriate course(s) even if you have a higher level of certification (ie. Soccer for Life, B pretest, C License, B License or A License).


In order to enable our membership to deliver on the coaching mandate, BC Soccer will be scheduling Learning Facilitator training sessions to assist organizations to have qualified individuals to deliver in-club coach certification courses to their coaches. 

We have now completed the call for applications, for more information on BC Soccer's Coach Education Mandate please see the FAQ's



How can BC Soccer member organizations be enabled to deliver on the coaching mandate?

Your organization needs to put forward individual(s) that will be responsible to deliver coaching courses in-club.  Selected individuals that meet the criteria will be trained by BC Soccer so your organization can be enabled to meet the mandatory certification requirement.  BC Soccer is offering flexible options so that you can achieve this within your own environment.

Who are In-Club Learning Facilitators?

These are individuals who work within your organization either full/part time or are contracted Technical staff that will have been trained by BC Soccer so they can deliver certification courses to your coaches year round according to your needs and time of the year as you see necessary.

What criteria does an In-Club Learning Facilitator require?

The minimum requirements are that the person is in good standing with BC Soccer, willing to submit a Criminal Record Check, minimum B Provincial License holder (or in the current process of obtaining a B Provincial License).  Learning Facilitators that will be trained are expected to keep their active status by delivering courses throughout the year.

How many individuals can my organization put forward for the application?

Depending on your organization’s size and anticipated number of courses you may need to run per year, you can designate more than one individual if that helps your planning.  BC Soccer will accept multiple designated individuals with the understanding that all candidates put forward will require remaining active (actively delivering course throughout the year).

What if my organization already has an approved Learning Facilitator?

This is great news already as you have been delivering in-club certification courses!  For BC Soccer to determine our memberships’ needs, your organization will need to put forward those individuals who will oversee and deliver in-club certification moving forward whether they are current Learning Facilitators (LF) or newly designated individuals.  All individuals will be required to attend Learning Facilitator Training whether they are current LF’s or new personnel. (Training dates TBA)

What happens if my organization does not designate or have any individuals to be a Learning Facilitator?  

With the volume of coaches that will require certification across our membership, if organizations do not designate at least one individual that is responsible to deliver certification in-club, it will be challenging for that organization to deliver on the mandate.  BC Soccer will have a second call for applications for individuals who may be willing to work outside of their own club to provide that service but this is not a guarantee.  BC Soccer’s Learning Facilitators are made up of individuals who work in the game within our membership.

As per Long Term Player Development (LTPD) guidelines, all clubs should always be reaching towards enhancing their environment which includes in-house technical leadership.  So whether that is a full time Technical Director, perhaps a seasonal program professional, contractor or even a volunteer person, this individual or individuals can be empowered to oversee and be responsible for its organization’s certification needs for long term.