BC Soccer holds Annual Referee Instructor and Assessor Symposium at the Youth Provincial Championships

Coastal FC, North Okanagan Youth Soccer Association, and Central City Breakers hosted the annual symposium

Vancouver BC, August 4, 2017 – The BC Soccer Youth Provincial Cups were host to the Annual Referee Assessor and Instructor Symposium on July 6-9, 2017.  The BC Soccer Provincial A Cup, Les Sinnott Memorial B Cup, and the Girls Provincial B Cup all hosted the Referee Assessor and Instructor Symposium.

 “The BC Soccer Provincial Championships offer a great opportunity to deliver these referee initiatives,” said Jose Branco, BC Soccer Referee Development Coordinator. “Each provincial championship offered referee’s different development and learning opportunities and having speakers such as FIFA Referee Michelle Pye really helped encourage, motivate, and develop the referees.”

More than 173 referees and an additional 40 assessors and instructors took part in The BC Soccer Annual Referee Assessor and Instructor Symposium which was held in Surrey and Vernon. Referees were educated during the symposium through classroom, on field sessions as well as assessed on various matches they refereed at the BC Soccer Youth Provincial Cups. These assessments included post match debriefs similar to the ones conducted at the FIFA World Cup. Furthermore, the referees were also able to attend speaking and learning sessions held by FIFA Referee Michelle Pye, Canada Soccer Manager of Referee Development Isaac Raymond, Canada Soccer Association Referee Committee Member Bob Sawtell, and BC Soccer Referee Development Coordinator Jose Branco.

Another important component of the symposium is the opportunity for the instructors and assessors themselves to receive feedback and to develop their instructor and assessor skills. Isaac Raymond, Canadian Soccer Manager of Referee Development and other Assessor and Instructor Evaluators provide feedback to for their continued development.

 “I wanted to thank each of the North Okanagan Soccer Association, Central City Breakers, and Coastal FC for assisting in the hosting of the referee instructors and assessors symposium,” said Rob Lennox, BC Soccer Chair of the Referee Committee “ Having classroom portions, on field portions as well as in game assessments and debriefs really allows for development of not only the referees but of the assessors and instructors.”

The symposiums created an atmosphere where all of these referees could share their experiences and learn from each other as well as assessors and instructors. The Assessor and Instructor Symposium is one of many referee development opportunities put forth by the BC Soccer Referee development department. To learn more about how to become a referee or to learn more about development opportunities please click HERE.

About BC Soccer Referee Programs
Whether you are an experienced referee new to British Columbia or if you are new to the discipline of refereeing BC Soccer has a clinic and a pathway for you.  The minimum age to become a referee is12 years old (small sided) and 14 years old (11-a-side). The first step for those who 14 years of age or older and are interested in refereeing 11-a-side soccer is to enroll and complete an Entry Level Referee Clinic. For those who are 12 and older and are interested in refereeing small sided soccer (less than 11-a-side) the first step is to enroll and complete a Small Sided Referee Clinic

For more information and to register for a clinic, please visit our "Referee Clinic" page.


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