BC Soccer is Excited to Launch New Discipline Procedure Workshops

Discipline Procedure Workshops begin in Victoria on January 20 with others being scheduled for the Lower Mainland and beyond

Vancouver BC, January 13, 2015- BC Soccer is excited to announce the launch of their new Discipline Procedure Workshops which are set to kickoff on January 20 in Victoria and in February in the Lower Mainland.  All persons involved in administering discipline are invited to attend the workshops. The workshops introduce the recently revised Discipline Policies and Sanction Guideline Policies. The workshops are intended to harmonize discipline procedures across the province, update participants on current best practices and to help ensure compliance with discipline policies.

“BC Soccer has made significant progress on our discipline policy and procedures and we are very excited to run these workshops. We hope to be able to help all of our members better understand these polices and help them implement them at the club, district, and league level,” said Aiman El-Ramly, BC Soccer Chair of Judicial Committee. “Having all of our members on the same page will help create a clearer understanding of disciplinary procedures and also create consistency amongst discipline sanctions. A standardized approach to discipline should ensure fairness and limit challenges”

BC Soccer currently has three workshops scheduled with two being in the lower mainland in February (dates to be confirmed) and one scheduled for the island on January 20.  Dates for at least one workshop in each of the four interior regions are currently being confirmed by BC Soccer which has the goal of running a minimum of one workshop in each region of the province.

Anyone who is actively involved in discipline at the team, club, district or league level is strongly encouraged to sign up for one of the workshops. Topics that are covered include: training on how to utilize the new BC Soccer Discipline documents; how to properly conduct a discipline hearing; How to appropriately sanction a player, officials and teams; and, when situations should be referred to BC Soccer.

“We believe that our membership and the entire BC Soccer community will greatly benefit from attending one of these workshops. We would like to see as many members as possible attend,” continued El-Ramly. “Creating consistency, with discipline procedures, across the entire province is our goal. We know that will take time and effort. We believe these workshops will take us a long way towards achieving our goal.”

To attend one of the course and to learn more about the BC Soccer Discipline Procedures Workshops please email Dan Turvill at or visit 

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