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February 13th, 2023

2023 Coach Mentorship Program Update

BC Soccer builds on the last two years of Female Coach Mentorship Program delivery to support more coaches

As part of BC Soccer’s 2024 Strategic Plan, we were pleased to develop and introduce our female coach framework in 2021. The framework included the Female Coach Mentorship Program, designed to recruit, and better support aspiring female coaches by creating on-going developmental service through a BC Soccer Female Development Lead (the mentor) as well as covering the costs for the Canada Soccer ‘C’ License coaching certification course. Over the past two years, BC Soccer have supported 18 female coaches to progress through this program and some of which are now working within their local club environments with their added knowledge and skillset.

2022 program participant, Camilla Gomez, spoke about her experience: “During this program I met other motivated women but also learned the best ways of reflecting on my coaching development. I also learned some of the finer details of interacting with players”.

In 2021, BC Soccer introduced its Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Plan which provides objectives in this space related to  increased access. With this newly released plan along with the success of the Female Mentorship Program, BC Soccer are pleased to announce the expansion of the Mentorship Program in hopes to recruit and better support other aspiring coaches in BC and the soccer community who may feel underrepresented.

“We are pleased to offer the Coach Mentorship Program for the third year since its inauguration in 2021. Our objective is to provide opportunities for women in coaching to develop their skills and increase the number of females with a ‘C’ License designation. And now we would like to expand this opportunity to others”. Rob Csabai, Manager of Coaching Development.  

The application process for the program is open until February 28th and BC Soccer is encouraging Members and affiliated clubs to pass this opportunity on to any of their staff, coaches and/or volunteers that could take advantage of this free mentorship and free access to formal coaching education.

Read the full program background with link to application.

For further information, contact Rob Csabai at

BC Soccer Association

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Safe Sport Statement

BC Soccer believes that everyone involved in soccer has the right to participate in safe and inclusive environments free of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and to enjoy the sport at whatever level or capacity they participate in. The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.