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BC Soccer and BMO Invite Newcomers to Canada to Celebrate Soccer

Newcomers to Canada to celebrate ‘World Football Day’ on May 25th!

In celebration of the UN “World Football Day” on May 25th, BC Soccer and BMO are pleased to recognize organizations working with newcomers to Canada, providing a unique opportunity to experience sport in Canada. 

As newcomers to Canada, everyone must have the chance to experience the ‘Beautiful Game’ in this Beautiful Country! Soccer has a unique power to unite people from all walks of life, and we hope this match will provide all with an unforgettable introduction to the Canadian sports culture.

Based on their outstanding work with newcomers to Canada, the following clubs have been selected to participate and attend the upcoming Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Inter Miami on May 25th. 

  • Guildford FC's dedication to supporting immigrants and integration into their club's community has been inspiring. 
  • Albion FC's efforts in assisting Ukrainian refugees have significantly impacted their community, creating lifelong connections. 
  • Island Tuskers, recognizing their commitment to welcoming new Canadians through club initiatives within the local community. 

Coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly's recent declaration of ‘World Football Day,’ this creates a perfect occasion to celebrate the ‘Beautiful Game’ and the diverse communities it unites. 

More than just a recreational activity, Soccer is a universal language that enhances the national, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries within communities. Soccer can serve as a platform for advancing gender equality, empowering Women and Girls, and creating stability and growth for youth.  

Join us in this celebration of community, sport, and culture!

Club Spotlight: Welcoming Newcomers to Canada

Through these Club's commitment and support to welcoming newcomers to Canada, we're shining a light on Albion FC, Guildford AC and Island Tuskers for their impact through the ‘Beautiful Game’!

The club supports the following initiatives for newcomers in Canada, ensuring everyone can play the sport. The Club supports newcomers to Canada through:

  • Sponsorship program for Players through Club members, sponsors, and local businesses, while also providing fee assistance and sponsorship opportunities for newcomers.
  • Covers fees for shin pads, and soccer boots. Waives fees for newcomers who may not be able to afford to play soccer.

The Club believes that all programming should be accessible to all of those wanting to participate, including those new to Canada! The Club supports newcomers to Canada through:

  • Working with assigned sponsors or care workers when needed and introducing newcomers to the club and teams.
  • Covers fees when funding is not the full value of the programming or is not available.

The Club provides support to newcomers to Canada through various initiatives aimed at easing their transition and integration. The Club supports newcomers to Canada through:

  • Hosts workshops focused on navigating the job market and assisting with ease of access to essential services, like healthcare and education.
  • Organizes social events to help newcomers build community connections. Offers cultural exchange programs to promote understanding and integration into Canadian society.

BC Soccer Association

Established in 1904, BC Soccer is the largest provincial sports organization (PSO) in BC and the third largest soccer-specific PSO in Canada with over 150,000 participants, consisting of registered players, coaches, referees, administrators and soccer leaders. As a professional not-for-profit society and a member of Canada Soccer, BC Soccer is committed to providing the widest opportunities for existing and potential participants, as well as provide support in the most effective and appropriate way for current players, parents, volunteers, member clubs, leagues, and districts.

Safe Sport Statement

BC Soccer believes that everyone involved in soccer has the right to participate in safe and inclusive environments free of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and to enjoy the sport at whatever level or capacity they participate in. The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.