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Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

Hope and Health: Empowering Indigenous Youth

BC Soccer is proud to join the celebration and highlight our associate member Hope and Health, an organization dedicated to empowering Indigenous youth through sport and wellness initiatives. Hope and Health is an organization that uses the power of sport to inspire Indigenous youth, providing opportunities for youth to engage in sports, build life skills, and connect with positive role models. 



The New Mini Pitch: A Symbol of Unity and Celebration

This year, we are excited to highlight the opening of a brand new mini-pitch, a project made possible through the generous support of sponsors and partners. The ‘Hope and Health Sts’ailes Strong Mini-Pitch’ Opening Ceremony took place on June 17th, featuring traditional drumming, dance performances, and speeches from community leaders and representatives. The mini-pitch is designed to promote a safe and accessible space for youth to play! 

Hope and Health: Resources and Programs

In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we encourage everyone to explore the resources and programs offered by Hope and Health.  

Here are some ways you can get involved and support their mission: 

  • Hope and Health Soccer Camps: These camps provide a fun and supportive environment for Indigenous youth. 
  • Community Wellness Initiatives: Various programs focused on mental and physical well-being, helping youth build confidence and independence.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteering your time or expertise to support Hope and Health’s programs. 
  • Donations and Sponsorships: Generous contributions are crucial to sustaining and expanding Hope and Health’s initiatives. Every donation helps create more opportunities for Indigenous youth. 

Join BC Soccer in Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

As we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day, BC Soccer is committed to supporting our partnership with Hope and Health, recognizing the importance of supporting Indigenous communities.  

We invite everyone to learn more about Hope and Health, participate in their programs, and join us in honouring the cultures and contributions of Indigenous Peoples.  

For more information on Hope and Health and how to get involved, please visit their website: Hope and Health. 

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! 

BC Soccer Association

Established in 1904, BC Soccer is the largest provincial sports organization (PSO) in BC and the third largest soccer-specific PSO in Canada with over 150,000 participants, consisting of registered players, coaches, referees, administrators and soccer leaders. As a professional not-for-profit society and a member of Canada Soccer, BC Soccer is committed to providing the widest opportunities for existing and potential participants, as well as provide support in the most effective and appropriate way for current players, parents, volunteers, member clubs, leagues, and districts.

Safe Sport Statement

BC Soccer believes that everyone involved in soccer has the right to participate in safe and inclusive environments free of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and to enjoy the sport at whatever level or capacity they participate in. The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.