Protests & Appeals

Protests ($262.50 includes GST) - BC Soccer Rule 11

A protest will only be considered on the grounds of misinterpretation of F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game, on the eligibility of players, or on breaches of Competition Rules & Regulations. An affiliated team may lodge a protest with a district, league or inter-district league arising out of any league or district cup game scheduled by a district, league or inter-district league.  Such protest must be in writing, stating the grounds upon which the protest is lodged.

A protest of any league, district or provincial cup game must be submitted within forty-eight (48) hours of the date of the match to which it relates.  In the event that the protest is mailed, the post-mark shall be taken as the limiting date in all cases.

A copy of the protest shall be forwarded by the association having jurisdiction to the opposing team within two (2) working days after the receipt of the protest.

The protest shall be signed by the team coach or manager.

The protest fee must accompany the protest when filed with the association having jurisdiction.

The fee (payable to the association having jurisdiction) shall be determined and circulated by the Association prior to March 15th annually, in advance of the forthcoming season.

Appeals ($525 includes GST) - BC Soccer Rule 12

Appeals from the decision of a League under the jurisdiction of a District shall be made to such District.

Appeals from the decision of a League where no District exists, or where a League is directly under the jurisdiction of the BCSA, shall be made to the BCSA.

Appeals from the decision of a District shall be made to the BCSA.

Appeals from the decision of an inter-district League shall be made to BCSA

The applicant for “leave to appeal” shall:

Make written application to BC Soccer's Executive Director within ten (10) working days after issuance of the District’s, League’s or Committee’s decision, setting out:

  1. The decision sought to be appealed
  2. A concise statement of the facts; and
  3. A concise submission stating the By-Law, Rule or Regulation that has been contravened and setting out clearly in what respect the decision is alleged to be wrong.

It is extremely important that an Appeal contain the above three items, specifically the EXACT rule or regulation that has been contravened.

Forward the said written application signed by the affiliated team coach, manager, or official; registered player or registered game official (referee, assistant referee).

Forward with the written application and the appropriate fee. The Appeal Committee may deduct an administration fee from all applications for “leave to appeal” as determined by the committee.

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