Provincial Program

The Provincial Program is designed to bring together identified players from the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) into training and game environments. The program’s focus is player centered, not team centered and aims to support each player’s development while also creating an overall environment that allows scouting opportunities by Universities, Colleges, professional programming and ultimately Canada Soccer’s youth national teams programming.

The Provincial Program selects players in the U15 – U18 age groups. There are two phases annually within each calendar year; January to July, and August to December. Each phase consists of training sessions, match play, and camp activity. At the end of each Phase (December and July), players who have participated in training sessions receive a BC Soccer Player Progress Report. The Player Progress Report has been designed to support the players in identifying areas of strength and areas to improve upon within their Club activity. The report is also shared with their respective BCSPL Club Technical Director.

In line with Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development guidelines, the Provincial Program is primarily focused on the individual player and not the team. The rationale for this is that players develop at different rates, stages and ages, thus each player experiences a unique development path.

The Program commits to the following four key responsibilities:

  1. To promote a Player First Mentality.
  2. To support the Canadian Soccer Association’s, Long Term Player Development Principles.
  3. To provide a Clear and Recognized Pathway for players to be developed, identified and promoted within.
  4. To maintain and enhance Technical Standards across the four corners of development; (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental).

Player Participation Cost
With the effort to minimize the cost for participation, there is only a one-time kit fee for participation in the program. 

The Provincial Program schedule consists of games, sessions and camp activity. For the most up to date training and match schedule for both male and female players please see below.

Female Schedule - BC Soccer Provincial Program Phase 2  (Sept 2021 - December 2021)

Male Schedule - BC Soccer Provincial Program Phase 2   (Sept 2021 - December 2021)

For more information on the field locations for the program activity please see field location links below.

Field Location Links

Burnaby Lake, Burnaby
Empire Fields, Vancouver
Fortius Sports Complex, Burnaby
National Soccer Development Centre, UBC, Vancouver

Player Selection Process

Players are identified and selected to the program through the BC Soccer identification network which includes the following options*:

  1. BCSPL Club Team Head Coach recommends players to the Club’s Technical Director, who in turn recommends the players to BC Soccer.
  2. The player is identified in a BCSPL match by a BC Soccer’s soccer development staff member.
  3. The player is identified in a BCSPL match by a professional youth programming staff member.
  4. The player is identified by a Canada Soccer’s youth national programming staff member.
  5. The player is identified on their prior performance within the BC Soccer Provincial Program.

BC Soccer works to ensure that all recommended players are provided at a minimum participation in one game and/or camp within the year. Due to the number of players that are recommended to BC Soccer to participate in the Provincial Program, BC Soccer relies on the individual scoring provided from the Club on the BC Soccer Player Profile criteria provided by the recommending individual/organization.

It is important to note that players may be selected for a game and then not involved in the next game and then may be in a future game or a camp; this is not necessarily a negative for the player but rather a result of BC Soccer’s wider responsibility to have more recommended players involved in the Provincial Program.

*Players who participate in non-BCSPL playing environments who are interested in being evaluated for potential selection to the BC Soccer Provincial Program must be recommended by the club’s/organization’s Technical Lead via submitting following Player Recommendation Form (sent to

Coach Selection Process

BC Soccer's soccer development staff lead the Provincial Program with additional coaches whom are either recommended by the BCSPL Club they coach within based on meeting and exceeding BC Soccer’s Coach Profile Criteria and/or a B Provincial Level Coaching Learning Facilitator. Final coach selections for the Provincial Program is completed by  BC Soccer.

BC Soccer Provincial Program - Female Coach Position

With the intent to provide more opportunity for female coach participation and development within the province, BC Soccer has developed a female coach position whereby candidates who meet the criteria can apply to be involved within our Provincial Program.

BC Soccer's ultimate goal with this initiative is to empower female coaches, while providing them new skillsets and experiences which can be shared back into the BC Soccer membership.

For more information please visit THIS LINK

BC Soccer is pleased to have a number of players and coaches selected to and participate within its Provincial Program. In our ongoing effort to provide consistent and transparent information on the program, linked below are the complete list of those involved for the specific phases.

BC Soccer makes both player and coach selection announcments twice per year; in August and January which reflect the last six months involvement.

Player Selection

2020 - All Phases

2019 - Fall - Phase 2 (August to December 2019)

2019 - Spring - Phase 1 (January to July 2019)

2018 - Fall - Phase 2 (August to December 2018)

2018 - Spring - Phase 1 (January to July 2018)

2017 – Fall - Phase 2 (August to December 2017)

2017 – Spring - Phase 1 (January to July 2017)

Coach Selection

2019 - Fall - Phase 2 (August to December 2019)

2019 - Spring - Phase 1 (January to July 2019)

2018 - Fall - Phase 2 (August to December 2018)

2018 - Spring - Phase 1 (January to July 2018)

2017 - Fall - Phase 2 (August to December 2017)

2017 - Spring - Phase 1 (January to July 2017)

BC Soccer is pleased to celebration successes for players and coaches who have been involved in the Provincial Program and have progressed into enhanced programming environments, including Professional, University, College, and National Teams Programming.

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