Referee FAQs

I want to be a referee, how do I become a BC Soccer Certified and Registered Referee?

The starting point for people 14 years of age or older is the Entry Level Referee Clinic.  For more information and to register for a clinic, please visit our "Referee Clinic" page.

How do I re-register as a BC Soccer referee?

Annual Registration Cycle for all Referees in British Columbia = April 1 through to March 31. Please visit our "Referee Annual Registration" page for more detailed information and to register online.

What do the referees get for their Annual Referee Registration Fee?

For their registration fee, the referees get:
• The opportunity to officiate in affiliated soccer;
• The opportunity to represent their club, district and region at provincial levels;
• An annual refresher course;
• The opportunity to be identified for upgrading;
• Educational material;
• Ability to display the Canadian Soccer / BC Soccer badge (issued upon successful completion of Entry Level Clinic)
• FIFA "Laws of the Game"
• More opportunities to receive mentoring and district assessment;
• Insurance coverage

What are the classifications of referees?

• Small Sided
• Youth
• District
• Regional
• Provincial
• National
For more information please visit our "Referee Rules and Regulations" page.

As a referee, how do I submit my discipline reports for provincial cup?

Reports to be submitted via the online discipline management system. Please visit our "Discipline System" page.

As a referee scheduler, how do I access the up to date list of BC Soccer registered referee?

By gaining access to BC Soccer’s Ref Centre, please visit our "Accessing Registered Referees" page for more information and steps to do so. 

What resources are available to support BC Soccer registered referees?

We have a number of resources available including the information found on our "Continuing Education" page. 

Does BC Soccer have any rules and regulations that govern registered referees?

Yes, you can find the information on our "Referee Rules & Regulations" page.

Small Sided Referee Rules