Referee Rules, Regulations & Resources

All referees must comply with BC Soccer's Rules and Regulations (Rule 14 speaks to Refereeing) and the Judicial Code and Policies of BC Soccer.

The above BC Soccer Referee Rules and Regulations comply with the Canadian Soccer Association’s “Regulations for the Registration and Control of Referees”.

BC Soccer Member and Affiliated Club Referee Contact List

BC Soccer is pleased to provide a list of Member and Affiliated Club main Referee Contacts based on information that is already publicly accessible, or, has been provided directly to BC Soccer with appropriate consent to be provide on BC Soccer’s website. If your organization would like to provide updated Referee Contact information, or, would like to be removed from the list, please contact Kyla Di Perna, Referee Programs Manager at

Current Member and Club Referee Contact List

FIFA Law Amendments:

Changes to the Laws and Clarificaitons 2020/2021 - PDF version

Changes to the Laws and Clarifications 2020/2021 - Presentation version

Changes to the Laws and Clarifications 2019/2020

Presentation of all changes to the Laws and clarifications 2019/2020, incl video examples

BC Soccer One page summary of IFAB Law Amendments JUNE 2019

Canadian Soccer Association policies and directives

Lightning Safety / Severe Weather Policy (Updated July 2017)
Environment Canada Video - Lightning safety
Players Wearing Casts Policy
Insulin Pump Policy

Continuing Education and Referee Resources

Referee Education and fitness training are key areas that referees can improve their performance. It is recommended that referees attend educational sessions with their local Head Referee, BC Soccer Candidates Programming, BCSRA or local Referee Association meetings. Below you will find both fitness training resource materials and also Laws of the Game from the FIFA website.

Fitness Program and Resources


Like players, Referees are athletes and are required to maintain a level of physical ability to keep with active play, maintain on-field performance and mental stamina to uphold the laws of the game based on the level of competition they are officiating. The Fitness Protocol outlines the standardized criteria that help measure the physical and athletic ability of Referees based on their classification. The Fitness Protocol helps to:

• Define the requirements for fitness criteria within each grade.

• Ensure that fitness criteria is standardized across the province.

• Ensure that fitness criteria reflect requirements outlined in the BC Soccer Grading Protocol and Referee Pathway.

All referees, from Youth Referee to Provincial Referee are required to participate and complete an annual Fitness Test. To maintain or upgrade, based on your grade, will Indicate the requirements for completion of the Beep Test or the FIFA Fitness Test.

The Beep Test

Beep Tests are conducted at Annual Refreshers and are Intended for Referees graded 5-8. Please ensure to review the Fitness Protocol and Grading Protocol for Beep Test level requirements that correlate to each grade/classification.

FIFA Fitness Test

In part of the Upgrading fitness components and Regional & Provincial classification maintenance, Referees will be required to successfully complete the FIFA Fitness Test. Please note, there are different timing requirements for 

each grade. Please ensure to review the Fitness Protocol and Grading Protocol for timing requirements that correlate to each grade/classification.

To learn more about the details of Fitness Protocol, please click HERE.

Fitness Training Advice - Do's & Don'ts

Hydration Tips

Current Macro Cycle

7 Steps Of Wall Management
Referee Considerations For Fouls


For Canada Soccer policies regarding lightning, casts, and insulin pumps please visit the BC Soccer Bylaws, Rules Reguatlions and Policies Page