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Good Practice Guides & Templates

BC Soccer creates good practice guides and templates designed to help members and affiliate members build their own documentation. You can use the search tool to find specific documents, or browse through the full list of guides and templates in the "Members" section below.   

Good Practice Guides & Templates

Our member organizations are the heartbeat of the game in BC. One of the ways BC Soccer provides support and value to these organizations is by offering relevant tools, good practice guidelines, templates, and added education with ready-made solutions to our members. We are pleased to provide members with a number of useful resources including:  

  • Constitution and Bylaws Templates
  • Youth District Templates
  • Adult League Templates 
  • Criminal Record Check Procedures 
  • Board Communication and Confidentiality Protocol Templates
  • Board of Director Conflict of Interest Disclosure Template
  • Youth District Association Standards for new Club Membership
  • New Club Membership Application 
  • Guide to Completing Youth District Membership

To receive these templates, please contact BC Soccer's Membership Engagement Senior Coordinator Soleil Heaney



Guidance for Hiring Paid Coaches

BC Soccer as the body responsible for governing and promoting the game of soccer in BC is eager to provide guidance on issues common amongst our membership. One such issue is the practice of members hiring and paying coaches. We have set out a summary of the position of the BC Soccer on the matter of paid coaches and an outline of the issues to be considered by members when hiring paid coaches. Click here to view BC Soccer's Guidance for hiring paid coaches document. 

Privacy Policy Guidance

Clubs, Leagues and Districts may not be aware of the importance of having a privacy policy and personal information handling practices and hence BC Soccer is committed to raising awareness in this area.  BC Soccer wishes to ensure our membership is aware of the responsibilities associated with the collecting, storing and accessing of personal information.  Member organizations handle personal information regularly to support the procedures to govern and administer soccer (i.e. registration of players, discipline information, player card generation, etc.).  There are a number of benefits to having an appropriate privacy policy in place: demonstrating compliance with current legislation, good governance, protection of individuals’ personal information, and protection of the organization itself and the individuals elected to run it.  

BC Soccer strongly encourages all of our member organizations to create a relevant privacy policy and personal information handling procedures for its organization.  BC Soccer Privacy Policy