Respect All / ViaSport's #erasebullying

Through the #respectall initiative BC Soccer looks to highlight great sportsmanship and eliminate poor behavior. To help increase awareness, BC Soccer has created the above signs designed to remind all to be Respectful and to #respectall while at pitches and facilities across British Columbia.

The #respectall initative will be on going via BC Soccer social media channels and BC Soccer is encouraging others to participate by showing great sportsmanship on social media using the hashtag #respectall. Alongside the online presences, they are also offering free signs to any BC Soccer member and their affiliate clubs who wish to post them up at their facilities. The signs were created to help individuals to be respectful and #respectall. Printed on coroplast at a size of 11x17 the signs were designed to withstand the outdoors.

With more than 120,000 players taking part in soccer programming all across the province, BC Soccer knows there are amazing stories of club executives working together, leagues collaborating, and players going the extra mile for both teammates and opponents.  The #respectall campaign will inspire other clubs and participants to follow in those footsteps and continue to #respectall to better the game of soccer across the province.

If you are a BC Soccer member and you would like to receive a sign to post up at your facilities please reach out to the BC Soccer Marketing and Communications Officer Peter Lonergan at

To read the official BC Soccer release on #RESPECTALL click HERE



BC Soccer supports and pledges with ViaSport  to #Erasebullying

BC soccer is encouraging all member’s and their affiliates to take ViaSport’s pledge and #erasebullying.  BC Soccer’s President and Executive Director, along with British Columbia’s other Provincial Sport Organizations have signed the Declaration of Commitment and BC Soccer is hoping that all leagues, districts, clubs, teams, and players will do the same. 

It’s time we all worked together to create the best possible environment for all athletes to develop and grow within.  Sign the pledge and help #erasebullying today.

To learn all of the ways that you can support Via Sport’s #erasebullying campaign please CLICK HERE


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