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BC Soccer Association
250-3410 Lougheed Highway, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2A4
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday (8:30AM to 4:30PM PST)

General Inquiries
Telephone: 604.299.6401
Fax: 604.299.9610

The operation of BC Soccer is aportioned to three departments: 1) Soccer Development, 2) Community Development and 3) Business.

The Soccer Development Department is responsible for the oversight of all soccer development related activities and initiatives including coach education and development, player initiatives and development, on field programs and services, and club development.

The Community Development Department is responsible for all member service related activities, including governance, risk management, competitions, refereeing, and member/community relations, etc.

The Business Department is responsible for all communications, marketing, and financial related activities.

If your question is regarding any of these areas, please click on the appropriate staff contacts link below to view a listing of staff members who support these areas and their contact information.

The BC Soccer Board of Directors are elected volunteers from across BC that provide the strategic direction for the association.  Directors are also chairs and/or active members of various BC Soccer committees and working groups.  Please click on the Board of Directors link below to view a complete listing of directors, their contact information and the geographical region they are assigned to.  For more information on BC Soccer’s committees and working groups, please click here.

President and Executive Director

Kjeld Brodsgaard, President

Chair of the board of directors, responsible for oversight of the association and supervises the board of directors in the execution of their duties.

Jason Elligott, Executive Director

Senior staff member, responsible for operational oversee of the association and directly supervises the staff directors in the execution of thie duties.


We encourage you to view the information below on who best to contact to ensure your inquiry is handled by the most appropriate person within our association and in a timely manner.

Community Development Department Staff Contacts

Lori D’Andrea, Director of Community Development, Ext. 2352

Responsible for the oversight of all member services and the community development staff team

Ryan McQuillan, Member Services & Competitions Coordinator, Ext. 2355

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- BC Soccer Competitions, including regional play-downs and championships at a Provincial and National level
- Player Registration
- Member Inquiries
- Participant Insurance

Nicole Laird, Governance & Judicial Coordinator, Ext. 2353

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Judicial, including Discipline, Appeals and Protests  
- Member Compliance
- New Membership Applications, including Associate Members 
- Rules and Regulations

Lynda Mulder, Referee Programs Coordinator, Ext. 1416

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Referee Clinic requests/offerings - Small Sided, Entry Level, Refresher Clinics, Provincial Upgrades
- Annual Referee Registration, including CSA Reporting
- Contact for all Referee Instructors, Assessors and Referee Development Officers
- Risk Management & Criminal Record Checks
- Scholarship and Awards

Jose Branco, Referee Development Coordinator, Ext. 2356

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Referee programs/initiatives, including Grassroots Referee Development program, Candidates program, assigning referees for events/matches
- Education of Referee Instructors and Assessors, including Annual Referee Instructor/Assessor Symposium

Kendall Allen, Member Services Administrator, Ext. 2361

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Office Coordination
- Member Inquiries
- Member Forms including local, provincial and international transfers, permits, travel applications, tournament sanctioning, reinstatements, out of district etc.

Soccer Development Department Staff Contacts

Chris Cerroni, Director of Soccer Development, Ext. 2359

Responsible for the oversight of all soccer development initiatives and the Soccer Development staff team

Rob Csabai, Manager of Coaching Development, Ext. 6347

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Coaching Development, including curriculum development, administering and delivering B and License Coaching Program
- Training of regional course Facilitators supporting all environments
- Regional Tier 3 League

Luca Dalla Pace, Soccer Development Officer, Ext. 2351

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Player Development Programming
- BC Soccer Provincial Program (Primary)
- BC Soccer Premier League (Secondary)

Paul Turner, Soccer Development Officer, Ext. 1415

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Development Programming, including the Club Charter Program and Skill License
- Delivery of workshops and festivals
- Coordination of BC Soccer Grants Program
- Multi-sport partners, including BC Summer Games & Special Olympics

Mike Salmon, Soccer Development Officer, Ext. TBA

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Player Development Programming
- BC Soccer Premier League (Primary)
- BC Soccer Provincial Program (Secondary)

TBA, Soccer Development Coordinator

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Coordinate Coaching Course requests/offerings, including, Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life, B Pre-Test, B Provincial, including NCCP / CSA Reporting
- Online coach database
- Point of contact for coaching course related inquiries

Business Department Staff Contact

Stephen Wurz, Director of Finance, Ext. 1412

Responsible for all aspects of day to day financial operations of BC Soccer and manages financial forecasting, reporting and budgeting

Vedrana Bikaljevic, Finance Assistant, Ext. 2357

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Accounts receivable and accounts payable

Peter Schaad, Marketing and Communications Officer, Ext. 2354

Appropriate contact for inquiries related to:
- Marketing
- Branding
- Newsletters
- Website
- Social Media
- Media Relations
- Press Releases
- Member and wider soccer community communications


Board of Directors

Kjeld Brodsgaard, President
Liaison: BC

Carlos Grosso, First Vice President
Liaison: Fraser Valley

Chris Appleby, Vice President Finance
Liaison: North Shore & Okanagan

Rob Lennox, Vice President Youth
Liaison: All Youth Districts & Northern BC

Rob Brown, Vice President Adult
Liaison: All Adult Leagues

Gayle Statton, Director
Liaison: Burnaby

Francisco Rubio, Director
Liaison: Okanagan & Kootenays

Leanna Napolitano, Director
Liaison: Burnaby

John Charlton, Director
Liaison: South Vancouver Island

Garry Sangha, Director  
Liaison: South Fraser

Debbie Pudek, Director
Liaison: Tri-Cities & Alouette

Ralph Luongo, Director
Liaison: Tri-Cities & Alouette

Don Moslin, Director
Liaison: North Vancouver Island & Kootenays

Justus Mirembe, Director
Liaison: Vancouver & Richmond

*Board Liaison Program: The intent is to install one or two board members per regional area to more effectively communicate what BC Soccer is doing and obtaining membership feedback re: regional issues and concerns.