Women in Soccer

Women in Soccer Overview

The Women in Soccer Advisory Group is an advisory group to BC Soccer's board of directors. The goal of the group is to guide the development of the game of soccer in British Columbia as it relates to females.  The group advises the Board of Directors of BC Soccer with respect to the rules, regulations and programming regarding any aspects of the female game as it relates to matters regarding the deliverables outlined within the group’s terms of reference.

Some of the accomplishments this groups has achieve over the years include:

Introducing a specialized grant program to member organizations that work to enhance female-specific programming within their organization. This initiative fully aligns with BC Soccer’s strategic objective of increasing the percentage of female players, coaches, referees, and administrators in the sport, and is designed to help the BC Soccer membership retain, attract, and enhance female programming. Grant applications were open from April 1 – June 30, 2017, and the response was excellent. For more information on the BC Soccer Grants program, please visit: https://www.bcsoccer.net/grants-program

Under the guidance of the Diversity Working Group (previous advisory group name), focused heavily on cultural diversity within soccer in British Columbia. Falling within this overall priority the group outlined three strategic priorities: Cultural Collaboration, Aboriginal Partnerships, and Gender and Cultural best practices which helped aid other BC Soccer Committees in regards to cultural diversity.  To successfully complete their outlined priorities and objectives the DWG reached out to various communities throughout the provincial soccer landscape which ultimately assisted BC Soccer in becoming as culturally inclusive as possible.

Under the guidance of the Diversity Working Group facilitated community outreach and discussion forums focusing on Women In Soccer, the output being the "Women in Soccer - A Conversation". The document was created to capture the voice of BC SOccer's membership and report on the DWG community engagement sessions, which took place across the province and asked key questions regarding the issues of diversity and women in soccer.